TAPI for Asterisk (10-licence Pack)

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TAPI for Asterisk™ (10-licence Pack)

The TAPI Driver for Asterisk™ supports dialing, hanging up and also informs your TAPI application about incoming and outgoing calls including caller and called ID. All this for multiple lines of one or several Asterisk™ SoftPBX systems. Furthermore, enables you to initiate calls directly from within Microsoft Outlook™ or any other TAPI application.

Installation and Configuration​:

  • You can install the TAPI Driver on a Windows Server as well as on a Terminal Server or on every client computer. 

Hint: The CTI Client application already includes a TAPI-Connector for Asterisk™.  If you use the CTI Client application, there is no need to install an extra TAPI driver for Asterisk™.

Supported Operating Systems:

  • Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Server 20xx. TAPI driver was also tested with the x64 Windows versions.

Configuration Examples​:

The TAPI Driver for Asterisk™ can be installed on one or more desktop PCs. The driver is connected directly to the “manager interface” of the Asterisk™ SoftPBX via IP network.




In this configuration a TAPI Server is used to share a centrally installed TAPI driver in a local network. The TAPI Driver for Asterisk™ is installed on a Windows Server. The Windows Server also acts as a TAPI Server. To use the TAPI on a client PC, the Remote TAPI Provider of the Server must be installed.


Supported Functions of the TAPI Driver (TSP):

TSPI_providerConfig TSPI_lineGetAddressCaps TSPI_lineGetAddressID
TSPI_providerCreateLineDevice TSPI_lineGetAddressStatus
TSPI_providerEnumDevices TSPI_lineGetCallInfo
TSPI_providerInit TSPI_lineGetCallStatus
TSPI_providerInstall TSPI_lineGetDevCaps
TSPI_providerRemove TSPI_lineGetExtensionID
TSPI_providerShutdown TSPI_lineGetID
TSPI_lineAccept 1) TSPI_lineGetNumAddressIDs
TSPI_lineAnswer 2) TSPI_lineHold 2), 2α)
TSPI_lineBlindTransfer TSPI_lineMakeCall 3)
TSPI_lineClose TSPI_lineNegotiateExtVersion
TSPI_lineCloseCall TSPI_lineNegotiateTSPIVersion
TSPI_lineCompleteTransfer 2), 2α) TSPI_lineOpen
TSPI_lineDial TSPI_linePickup
TSPI_lineDrop TSPI_lineRedirect
TSPI_lineForward 4) TSPI_lineSetupTransfer 2), 2α)
TSPI_lineGenerateDigits TSPI_lineUnhold 2), 2α)


1) lineAccept returns OK, however, it has no effect.
2) These functions are supported in combination with Snom, Yealink and Aastra 5xi phones (exclude DECT-phones). In the line-config-dialog the suitable "special device" is to select and you need to configure the phone IP address.
2a) For other phones you can activate "Consult via atxfer" in line-config-dialog under [Asterisk Server > Settings > TAPI Functions]. The manager's interface command atxfer is supported with the Asterisk™1.6 version.
3) For Snom, Yealink and Aastra 5xi phones, dialing in free-hands-mode is supported. For other phones aAuto-Answer-Patch can be used.
4) Call Forward/DND requires a special adaptation in the Asterisk™ SoftPBX.

Supported Event Messages:


License Model:

A ten-license pack entitles to control and monitor 10 different Asterisk™ TAPI devices (TAPI lines).
With a ten-license pack you may install the TAPI Driver also on more than 10 Computers, as long as is guaranteed that a total of maximum 10 different TAPI-Lines are used. If you install the TAPI driver for 11 PC workplaces and two of it share a phone, then a ten-license may be enough.
If you want to observe 19 phone lines with one PC, then you need 2 x ten-license. 
You can use these 20 licenses additionally on 20 other PCs, as long as is guaranteed that a total of maximum 20 different TAPI-Lines are used.

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