BeroNet Modular VoIP Gateway-16 Channels

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BeroNet VoIP Gateway

Integrated Modular Gateway that can carry up to 2 modules. Offers a powerful and flexible Hardware Modular solution where you can plug and mix very easily different optionally available access modules on the same device. Connect digital ISDN BRI/PRI lines, analog FXS/FXO as well as GSM to any SIP based VoIP system or SoftPBX

Furthermore, through the BeroNet Cloud Service, you can manage and monitor the BeroNet VoIP Gateway any time, configure it’s settings, upgrade and receive early notifications via e-mail for any event concerning the device and the connected lines to it. 


BeroNet VoIP Gateways are made in Germany. They are Modular, Solid State devices (bearing no moving parts) with Fanless operation and of a very light & tough structure (100% high quality Aluminum housing). Being also very silent, can be placed anywhere at any office or at a server room rack. 


Offers 5 minute Plug & Play installation, operates independently on the network and supports easy and secure remote management via Web GUI. Works with any IP PBX based on Linux™/Unix™, Windows™ and MAC™ o.s. 


Interconnection between 2 BeroNet VoIP Gateways can be also achieved, ensuring you a real hardware bridging through a PCM-Bus connector. This way you can manage and monitor both devices and their embedded modules as a single integrated Gateway.

BeroNet VoIP Gateways are compatible and tested to operate with any SoftPBX solution like 3CX™, Asterisk™, Freeswitch™, MS Lync™, Elastix™, Trixbox™, Askozia™ and many more.



The following modules are optionally available and can be mixed in any combination on any BeroNet Baseboard:

  • 4 Port ISDN/BRI Module (BNMO-4BRI)
  • 2 Port ISDN/BRI Module with 2 extra analog FXS ports to connect analog devices (BF2S02FXS)
  • 1 Port E1/PRI Module (BNMO-1E1)
  • 2 Port E1/PRI Module (BNMO-2E1)
  • 4 Port Analog/FXO Module to connect analog Telcos  (BF4FXO)
  • 4 Port Analog/FXS Module to connect analog devices (BF4FXS)
  • 2 Port GSM Module (BF2GSM)

 PartnerNET beroNet 1PRI Gateway Datasheet

 PartnerNET beroNet 2BRI2FXS Gateway Datasheet

 PartnerNET beroNet 2GSM Gateway Datasheet

 PartnerNET beroNet 2PRI Gateway Datasheet

 PartnerNET beroNet 4BRI Gateway Datasheet

 PartnerNET beroNet 4FXO Gateway Datasheet

 PartnerNET beroNet 4FXS Gateway Datasheet

Key Features & Benefits:

  • 2 Module slots (ISDN, Analog, GSM, Hybrid)
  • 10/100 Mbit LAN Port
  • Codecs: G.723.1 and Annex A, G.729 a/b, G.726 (up to 32 channels), G.711 u/a (up to 128 channels)
  • G.168/G.165 echo cancellation with echo path change detection, up to 128ms
  • Voice activity detection / comfort noise generation
  • DTMF digit detection and generation
  • T.38 Fax Relay (V.27, V.29 and V.17) (up to 16 channels)
  • Virtual CAPI 2.0 Service optionally available
  • SIP User Agent IETF RFC3261 conform
  • SIP via UDP/TCP with optional TSL support
  • TDM bridging over 2 BeroNet devices through PCM bus interconnection, 8.192 kB/s
  • Compliance: CE (EN55022, EN55024, EN60950)
  • Standard 2-year Warranty

Note: The BeroNet VoIP Gateways are available in the following three Channel Densities:

  • Berofix   400 (4-16 channels)
  • Berofix 1600 (16-64 channels)
  • Berofix 6400 (32-128 channels)

The amount of simultaneously operating channels each Baseboard can provide, depends on the media functions used (Voice or T38).

Manufacturer BeroNet
Product Type Box
Modular YES
Technology all
Rack Mount YES
Max. Concurrent Channels 16
Cloud managed/ monitor YES
Network Ports 1
Warranty 2 Years

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